Why choose SDA CPA?

You keep hearing the same declarations from other CPA firms:

With so many firms echoing the same sentiments, how do you decide which one to work with? While the above statements can be applied to us here at SDA CPA, we also have attributes that distinguish us from other firms. Check out this comparison:

SDA CPA VS Other Firms

Issue Accounting Icon Other Firms So What?
Customer Base We focus solely on the small business market. Most firms service both the individual 1040 market as well as small businesses. By concentrating on small businesses, we avoid getting bogged down at tax season. Our work is consistent year- round. We also know which issues are important to small businesses.
Technology We are a cloud-based firm using QuickBooks Online exclusively for all new customers. We also use third-party apps that integrate with QBO. Most accounting firms are still using desktop software and haven’t made the leap to the cloud. Cloud technology allows you to manage your business from wherever you have Internet access – such as from your phone, tablet or computer. You will have more current information, instead of having to wait on monthly or quarterly financials.
QB Online Advanced Certified We are advanced certified in QBO. 95% of CPA firms do not hold advanced QBO certification. Fewer than 5% of the firms using QuickBooks Online are advanced certified. We have passed this strenuous test, proving our ability to use this dynamic platform.
Fee Structure We are a fixed fee firm with upfront pricing. You will know what the price will be, before we do the work. Most firms charge by the hour for their services. You won’t know the cost until the work is done. You won’t be surprised by a bill you weren’t expecting. We also draft our fees every week or month, spreading the cost of our services out year-round – which means you won’t have to pay a large bill at one time.
Service Contracts No contracts with us. You can stop your service at any time. Some firms lock you into an agreement with early termination clauses. If you ever decide that we aren’t the best fit for your business, you can discontinue our service without worrying about ongoing fees.

We're not your average accounting firm.

We are not like a lot of large accounting firms, who push small businesses aside and treat them as less important clients. We are a small business – just like you. We are swimming in the same pond. We offer your small business simplicity by handling all your accounting needs under our roof. Choosing one of our accounting packages is one of the easiest business decisions you'll make.

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