What is Cloud Accounting?

An easy way to understand Cloud Accounting is to compare desktop accounting software with cloud-based accounting software.

Old-school CPAs work with their clients using desktop software. The client sends the desktop files to his or her CPA just to get the information reviewed and cleaned up. By the time the client gets the file back, the financials are already old – showing what happened last month instead of what’s going on now. With desktop software, numbers must be entered manually and only the desktop user has access to the inputted financial data on a timely basis.

SDA CPA offers cloud-based accounting services via QuickBooks Online (QBO). Here are some advantages of using QBO over desktop software:


Advantages of Cloud Accounting Software

Accessible Anywhere

Send invoices, pay bills, and receive payments – anytime, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection.

Perfectly In Sync

We are both on the same page when you use QuickBooks Online. We share just one set of books, in real time.

Always Secure

Your online data is protected by the same encryption technology used by top banking institutions. The system automatically backs up your data, so you never have to worry about saving files to an external device.

Easily Scalable

Adjust to changes on the fly. No need to invest in additional resources.

Latest Software

Automatically updates your software, giving you the most current features.


Reduced Data Entry

Automatically downloads and categorizes bank and credit card transactions. Your data will always be up to date and in sync. No more chasing emails or spending hours entering numbers.

Your Know Where Your Money Is Going

View your Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and other financial reports from any device.

Capture Receipts on your Phone

Stay organized by simply snapping a photo of your receipt and attaching it to any transaction.

Third-party Apps

QB Online has over 400 third party apps that it integrates with. We can help sift through these to find the ones that best fit your business.

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