Business Tips

Never Forget a Password Again with Last Pass!

Still struggling with passwords? We found a good solution for making passwords easier to create, store and remember. If you are using a word doc to remember passwords or you are frustrated every time you need to access an app or website and cannot recall the log in credentials, listen up! Stanley researched various password…

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Cloud Accounting: Delivering Critical Business Information in Real Time

Every successful business owner has his or her finger on the pulse. They know the key numbers. Not the numbers in last year’s accounts (which are outdated and redundant), but today’s numbers. To achieve this feat, many of these business owners leverage a cloud accounting system. Before we get into how you can benefit from…

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Business Videos

Updated QuickBooks Accountant's Copy

Alison McDonald, SDA CPA accountant, explains how to work simultaneously on your quickbooks account with your accountant.

Audit Advice

Owner of SDA CPA Stanley Dean, gives advice on audits and healthy, proactive ways to respond to them.

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